Fever Asym & Livi(d)o - Music for disturbed children [muerte003]

Experimental electronic songs for disturbed children. From glitchpop to noiseglitch, out now the new split release of Fever Asym and Livi(d)o for Muertepop records.

01. Fever Asym - Introducciòn a la mùsica para ninos
02. Fever Asym - Enviromental
03. Fever Asym - Who loves me (8 bit)
04. Fever Asym - Place
05. Fever Asym - Under the bridge listening with headphone is raining tonite
06. Livi(d)o - Borderline
07. Livi(d)o - Letzte ausfahrt
08. Livi(d)o - Durkheim idea
09. Livi(d)o - 70's multicolor tv
10. Livi(d)o - Pusher boy
11. Livi(d)o - Glitch home

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Published under creative commons public license 2.5 (ccpl)

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