Mark Hamn - To the naked eye [muep001] (CDr - limited edition to 100 copies)

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Here is our first cdr release: the new Mark Hamn works "To the naked Eye", nine tracks plus a bonus video track. To the naked eye of Francesco Giannico aka Mark Hamn isn’t exactly a concept album, but it try to aggregate the tracks around the same idea: the involution of post-modern humanity in the globalisation age, or more simply, a sour consideration about our days.
The album title “To the naked eye” want to remark the essence of the problem: despite the media aggression regarding the catastrophes and existing problems at a global level, majority of people, that could change this degradation, do nothing, even if the can see the problems “to the naked-eyes”. For this reason the title tracks like “Academic Dishumanity” or “An omelette century” or “Overheated Century”. Everything is freezed in the final video track named “I’m Happy”. A title like this, after nine tragedy, gives thought at an insane and sadistic brain, hungry of further catastrophes. The more plausible meaning, and you will understand it only watching the video, is to bright up your mind after the large reflection about the previous theme, and that we have art that can give us serenity, even the more simply art like freehand drawing like in the video.
Video track is realized by Bioastract Crew, a collective costituite by Mark Hamn (Francesco Giannico), Christian Manno, Antonella Cotardo and Annalisa Macagnino. Annalisa contribuite also to the realization of artwork of album with her freehand drawing.


01. Joanna's song

02. Thinking about own liability

03. Academic Disumanity ~~~free download~~~

04. An omelette century

05. If there's a way

06. Overheated century

07. Progress

08. Relativity of religions

09. When accused men become prosecutors

10. I'm Happy (video track)