Muertepop records is an italian netlabel and cdr label.

Muertepop netlabel releases free music aiming to promote artists of the indie, electronic and experimental musical scene. The music released on Muertepop netlabel is solely for free distribution and promotion, with no intent on financial gain. The artists that release their music on mp3 format with Muertepop records are completely free to release elsewhere, if the artists need to have their audio tracks (or videos or photos) removed from the site at any time, that's not a problem. All the music is subject to a creative commons licence which means that although it is released for free and you are free to copy it, the artist still retains certain rights. It was founded in January 2007

From January 2008, Muertepop records becomes a cdr label too!
Our next step is to promote artists we like with high quality music on cdr releases and a d.i.y. package. Remember that Muertepop is still a netlabel! We produce both kind of releases, cause we strongly believe in the free download music, but we think too that it's important to give a good values to work of a music composition and work behind a release in general. Note that we add a cdr section to our menu.

This label has been searching and finding artists with qualities and creativity. We can release whatever we think is good. Muertepop records is directed by Federico Baglivi a.k.a. Fever Asym and Livio Polini a.k.a. Livi(d)o.



::: 06/26/2010 :::

Watch Fucksia music video "That's Christmas..." (song from the release "Photophobie") on

Visit net.releases page and download for free "Photophobie" !


::: 03/09/2009 :::

Muertepop records presents "Photophobie", debut release of the Italian electronic artist Fucksia. About thirty minutes of sweet and fine indietronica, like being closed in a room watching the rain through the window.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "Photophobie" !


::: 12/06/2008 :::

Muertepop records invites you to visit Nettare, the new Italian Electronic Netlabels Community ( Our label partecipates in the compilation "AAVV - Nettare 01" with a song of the artist Oto.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "AAVV - Nettare 01"!


::: 10/06/2008 :::

"The Marsican Bear" is the new release of Livi(d)o for Muertepop records, eight experimental songs, glitch noise electronic music dedicated to love and respect for animals and the environment.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "The Marsican Bear"!


::: 07/02/2008 :::

After their appearance on the first compilation of Muertepop rec., Let's drive to Alaska, the American collective spearheaded by laptop guru Chris Garcia, comes back with "A bell and a mirror", seven tracks of sweet glitchy electronic songs.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "A bell and a mirror"!


::: 05/01/2008 :::

Muertepop comes back with "Aeleria", the new musical work of the French artist Aquilone. This sound is full of saturations, a sort of electronic shoegaze dissolved in ambient landascape, a beautiful i.d.m. affected by sweet microfragmentations.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "Aeleria"!


::: 02/20/2008 :::

Muertepop records presents the new and original release of the creative artist OTO. "Fake" is an important music work, seven tracks of experimental, electronic, minimal, glitch and 8bit sound.

Visit net.releases page and download for free "Fake"!



::: 01/10/2008 :::

Muertepop records celebrates its birthday with the first cdr release "To the naked Eye"; The musician Mark Hamn tries to aggregate the nine tracks, plus a bonus video track, around the same idea: the involution of post-modern humanity in the globalisation age, or more simply, a sour consideration about our days. Electroacoustic, glitch, field recordings and guitars remember that all of us have to change and avoid a little part of this ecological tragedy that is involving our earth. We have just to open our eyes!

You can buy this release and all the future ones by a paypal account. Check out our cdr section and thanks for your support!



::: 12/07/2007 :::

Stay tune, and prepare to our first cdr release the 10th of January, 2008. We will release the new Mark Hamn works "To the naked Eye", nine tracks plus a bonus video track. You can reserve your copy since now mailing You can buy this release and all the future ones by a paypal account. Check out our cdr section!



::: 11/25/2007 :::
Postepay is a new electronic trio, an interesting musical project inspired by artists of indietronic scene like Postal Service and Guther. Muertepop presents their first work "Empty music for crowded rooms", eight evocative and sweet tracks.

Visit releases page and download for free "Empty Music for Crowded Rooms"!



::: 10/22/2007 :::
Muertepop records comes back with another collection of ten electronic and experimental tracks created by different artists around the world. Autumn arrives and Muertepop wears his hot and comfotable clothes with: All About Max, Background Radiation, ( etre ), Glass Harmonica, Melodium, Nakao:::, OTO, Parade Me, Queb, Silence Is Sexy.

Visit releases page and download for free "Let's Talk About Muertepop #2"!



::: 10/08/2007 :::
After the first release "Burgertronic", Calcutta Bubbles release "*CBS*-They Remix", their second work, out as a coproduction between Muertepop rec. and Peteran rec. Seven remix of "gummy and fatty sounds" inspired by Crystal castles, Moroder, Run dmc and Kitsune. Good bands like My Awesome Mixtape, The Phonograph, The brilliants, Funkabit, Sinclair, Colbalt Bomb and Delitto Perfetto have been remixed in a deep sound that looks to 80s.

Visit releases page and download for free "*CBS*-They remix"!



::: 09/17/2007 :::
"Fattoria del vento" is a creative musical project, nine special tracks, sound, image, place, the renovation to artistic use of a nearly falling apart country house in north-east Italy. The sonorous poetics is based on the union of electronic rhythmics obtained from the combination of noises produced from objects and situations of the common life and minimal acoustic tunes.

Visit releases page and download for free "Fattoria Del Vento"!



::: 06/30/2007 :::

Muertepop is into the international electronic art meeting “StreamFest” with a Mark Hamn performance that present a live set of his latest work entitled "Je déchire l'ongle aux criminels”.

26, 27 and 28th of July 2007; three days of interactive installation, audiovisual experimentation and emotional streams in the “Quartiere Fieristico”, Galatina (Lecce, South of Italy) with international, national and local artists.

StreamFest is a distributed physical environment that receive the visitors into an interactive and emotional digital place. We are facing a new relationship between local cultures and global perspectives. The new technologies are in our daily life and we are changing the way to communicate. We believe in an open society with the main character of sharing and participation. Art is playing with imagination. We invite you to play and discovery with us.



::: 06/11/2007 :::
He comes from Berlin, named "Parade Me", he listen to B.Fleishmann and Styrofoam, finn. and Dntel. He gives us a Morr Music old school influenced work, an acoustic and electronic ep at the same time that contains seven original and delicate tracks.

Visit releases page and download for free "Where do all these spiders hide?"!



::: 05/14/2007 :::
Muertepop records, in a co-production with Peteran records, releases the first ep of the italian guy behind the moniker "All about Max". "Nothing to say" says a lot of things in a mix of intimistic electronic glitch and beautiful acoustic sound. Seven title tracks that suggest an autobiographic story told from guitar chords and sweet beats. Like eating a cake: the delicacy of Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens, The Album leaf and Death Cab For Cutie have inspired and sometimes influenced autobiographic facts told by Max

Visit releases page and download for free "Nothing to say"!



::: 04/26/2007 :::
Muertepop records presents Roberto Maldoror Manfredini and his new futuristic release. From dadaism to noise experimental sounds, the spirits of Luigi Russolo, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Pierre Schaeffer live in his non-ambient work. Affect by complete artistic freedom, "Musica per giostrai futuristi" contains fourteen tracks of deviant sound for a grotesque society.

Visit releases page and download for free "Musica per giostrai futuristi"!



::: 04/10/2007 :::
Experimental electronic songs for disturbed children. From glitchpop to noiseglitch, out now the new split release of Fever Asym and Livi(d)o for Muertepop records.

Visit releases page and download for free "Music for disturbed children"!


::: 03/26/2007 :::
Second free download for Muertepop records. "Matite Spuntate" is the new album of the impressive one man band "1984". It includes several alternative rock influeces in the new eleven tracks release.

Visit releases page and download for free "Matite spuntate"!


::: 02/23/2007 :::
Muertepop records debut. First release for the new italian netlabel, over 80 minutes of music, a double cd with cover artwork, 20 tracks, various artists and various genres (electronica, experimental, glitch, indie, avantgarde, post-rock, minimal, acoustic, ambient,...).

Visit releases page and download for free "Let's Talk About Muertepop" :)