Name: Le Supersquillo
Genre: electro-punk
Location: Lecce - Italy
Bio: Le SuperSquillo was born in august 2004 from the perverted mind of Zara Samba (Sara Zambonini). The duo, guitar & vox, availed of the collaboration of dj Popolous (MOrr Music) in bases compositions. In the may of 2005 opened the shows of Goodmorningboy and Psychosun (Urtovox), in Novoli, during the "Play the indie game" festival.
The band found its ideal dimension - between electro punk, synth rock, and hardest punk'n'roll - expecilly on stages, where Zara's rage and voice make her one of the most devasting front-riot-grrrl. In the october of 2005 opened Boxer Rebellion (Poptones/Mercury) show. Taking part of "Fermenti Agroelettronica festival", they met Gilvia (Silvia Rollo) and her electronic performer experience. Their sound became more complete and songs grew up to a more adult form.