Name: Scientist&Cynic
Genre: minimal techno,electro,techno pop, experimental
Location: Lecce - Italy
Bio: SCIENTIST&CYNIC duo was born in 2004. It is formed by Andrea Senatore (voice-vocoder-sinthesizers) and Simone Quarta (sinthesizers-drummachine-sampler).
The basic idea of the project is to revisit, by the electro, some musical genres that have influenced the two musicians (psychedelic, new wave, dancefloor ’80). In 2006 they have finished their release PRIMATOID and presented their new work in a series of concerts around Italy (Milano, Roma, Perugia, Barletta, Trani, Lecce). Their LP received international critical prease and positive reviews can be found on magazines (RockSound n.101) and webzines, included and
Their music was recently played on several radio stations (Rai Radio1,Radio AlzoZero, Radio Ondarossa, Radio CiccioRiccio, Radio Facoltà di Frequenza, etc.). Their track "Far from me" is now in second place in "Best of Demo" chart. The competition "Best of Demo" was launched by National Radio Rai Radio1. First two finalists will have their song inserted in a compilation about to be released. They are now working at a dancefloor release.
They were selected for Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2006 half-final and joined Lecce Festival of Music, Musicians and Vjs 2006, an international event that gathers notable artists from all over the world. A huge sound impact due to synths vibrations and Andrea’s hypnotic voice is the main feature of SCIENTIST&CYNIC live performance. Synthetic sounds match with melody, exciting emotions and sensations in the audience and crossing different times, styles and genres. The live performance originality and the great accuracy of the production drew on the duo the attention of promoters of Music Festivals across Europe. (Red Nose Party/Belgium, Sziget Festival/Hungary, Festival dei vj e dj di strada/Italy).