Name: Parade Me
Genre: indie, electronica
Location: Berlin - Germany
Parade me is you, tired and drunk on your way home. Parade me, that’s you getting your hair cut by your best friend. Parade me is your best friend. It’s you, giving your last cigarette to someone you don’t know. Parade me is the monster under your bed. Parade me, that’s you, as you missed the bus to coney island. Parade me is the joke that makes no one laugh. Parade me was your first girlfriend. Parade me is trying and failing. is believing and succeeding. is ugly. is beautiful. is sleepwalking. Parade me is a guy from berlin. Parade me makes music. Music with his laptop, his guitar and a synth, and sometimes with friends. “Parade me” exists since october ’06 and also does remixes. Parade me could be you.