Name: My Awesome Mixtape
Genre: pop, electronica, acoustic
Location: Bologna - Italy
Bio: A room, a window a wonderful bolognese panorama similar to the darkest and most gothic Edgar Allan Poe's settings... Here is where My Awesome Mixtape are born and grew up with their "Catchy Geek Pop", something totally different from the Poe's landscape! Friendly, Happy, Fresh, Young [as the age of the band members] the my awesome mixtape songs are certainly inspired to the Anticon Scene [why?, themselves...most of all], Suburban Kids with Biblical Name, The Faint, Tender Forever and the Blow. What will happen next?! We don't know, for sure it's planned an ep release ("Songs Of Sadness, Songs Of Happiness") for the netlabel "Kirsten's Postcard" and Ufo Hi-fi records; an album release for My Honey Records; a collaboration in the Muertepop records compilation; lots of livesets!