Name: (etre)
Genre: Electroacoustic, Concrete, Tape music
Location: Naples - Italy
Bio: (etre) is the "freefolkglitch" project of the italian Salvatore Borrelli. After a first experimental phase between total improvvisaion, fields recordings & sonorous installations, (etre) produces 6 releases until now. Made with traditional instruments, randomizers in sophisticated patches & drone/digital music, the particolarity of his music consistes to preserve a disquieting tension between chaos, ordinary drama and private memories. In live performances, (etre) uses different typologies of media that he manipulates in real/time: neon, ice, glass, fire, colours & chemical substances, robots, radios, metals, working out a doughy mixture between abstraction, free/music & glitches with a particular approach that consists to produce a stratification to not correspond at primary elementin a constant relationship between origin & becoming, ralativity of intact forms & complexity of tracted body.

(etre) takes part to numerous festivals of electronic music as "SUPERFiCI SONORE" (Florence 2003), ITALIAN LIVE MEDIA (Rome 2003), "DISLAB/DISSONANZE" (Rome 2003) , "INTERFERENZE" , "Piombino EXPERIMENTA" (2006). During his concerts (etre) uses the criterion of total abstraction in extemporaneous way and also passing through the electronic search and the praxis of the body. He develops also a special type of sound called Wall-recordings : a sound taken directly from the auscultation of the walls. He's been one of founder members of iXem and he has written on Cyberzone & on web-journal Sands-zine & Exibart/Dedibel .

In 2007 (etre) & Vanessa Rossetto form a band called Wondrous Horse . Their first "untitled" debut album, a mist between avant-folk & rural-kraut musis, will be pressed on Fire Museum.