Name: Aquilone
Genre: electronica, pop
Location: Rennes - France

Aquilone is an electronic/organic project by a 26 years old musician named Cyril Guillory. Between 2001 and 2005, he was a member of a french band called monogram. aquilone is at the frontier between eltronica, electro-clash and pop music. For this project, are using : Laptop/macbook xylophone guitars voices nord lead 3 synth melodica piano rythm maker, korg emx-1...

The principle of aquilone is to melt electronic stuff with organic instruments. That's also to create contrasts between noises/saturations and quiet atmospheres and melodies. Some of the songs contains voice pieces : samples, cut voices, singing things... to complete the sound research. Marie Heln the singer of the french band Playdoh makes an apparition on the song oslo 2.

aquilone is inspired by many different bands such as Blonde Redhead, Pan Sonic, Midaircondo, Lali puna, The Notwist, Mùm, A silver Mt Zion...

On stage, Cyril plays alone. He works with a loopstation to record guitar stuff, voices or other synths sounds. He also uses some synths in order to create changing atmospheres and melodies.