Name: All about Max
Genre: indie, acoustic, electronica
Location: Brescia/Udine - Italy

This project was principally born by an abstinence crisis from the “concert-room”.
Massimiliano Setti, the man who is behind “All about Max”, plays with some friends in a small town in the province of Brescia from the age of 19 to 24 (until 2003). He composes about ten songs, starting by punkska, passing trough emo, so much that he tries to give birth to instrumental and experimental music. Maybe for a lack of faithful time to dedicate to his musical practices or for the challenge to do all by himself, since 2006 he starts composing alone acoustic and sung pieces, accompanied with simple electronics bases… This musical style goes on until September 2006 when, his return to Udine (city where he studied) sanctions the end of songs for a need of nearness and a quiet life. Since that moment  he develops his instrumental project, by zero. The first months are useful to understand the operation of all these difficult audio edition programmes…To be quite honest about that, not only the most complicated even because , by now, the computer is not so young, and the products it gives is better than we expected. All that takes birth by an old acoustic guitar’s strings, bought in ebay, then it arrives in different virtual synthesizers. Massi has just finished an ep titled “Nothing to say” and he is composing his second work “Tomorrow I’ll be alone”. For the future he thinks he will combine the songs to his style to produce music, truly he is already doing so. To be continued…